Living Proof Dry Shampoo Actually Cleans Your Hair

I decided not to read anyone else’s review or thoughts on the Living Proof Perfect Hair Dry (PHD) Shampoo. The reason being I didn’t want to be influenced by others and wanted to form my own views and judgments. I am excited to share my honest review on the PHD Shampoo that actually cleans your hair.

Firstly let me begin by saying that influencers sent me my first hair product, I’m usually commenting on beauty product so this is a first for me. When you join influencers you become a part of an amazing community of members; you can articulate your views by sharing your beauty opinions the more you interact the more chances you have to be selected to receive and review products.

Everyone can relate to a headache you have with second-day styling, oily roots, limp strands. Your one wishes that morning is to have obedient hair well guess what Living Proof have created something I never thought could exist. I am all new to Living Proof as a brand and as usual quite a spectacle about products claiming to do miracles. 

So to have a product that claims it cleans your hair and no ordinary dry shampoo can do that I thought this needs to be tested and prove to see if it’s a fad or not. The dry shampoo promises to be different to the usual dry shampoos the technology absorbs and removes oil, sweat and odour. It makes your hair look and smells clean it is meant to work on all hair colours because it leaves virtually no visible residue or powdery buildup behind. It also has a time-released fragrance to deliver a light clean scent throughout the day.Living Proof dry Shampoo


Now since I used the PHD Dry shampoo I felt an instant difference not only did the scent smells fresh and my hairs felt clean. I usually wash my hair once to twice a week ideally I would like to wash my hair once a week without my hair feeling dirty. I have tried other branded dry shampoo and felt that I could only use it once as the build-up of the product is immense and felt it was causing more damage to my hair. I sprayed a few strands to my hair mainly on the top crown and worked the product in by gently massaging in circular motions to remove any white residue that remained.

Your hair smells like you have just come out of a spa fresh and clean exactly what I want for the past year I have been using a dry shampoo that has a floral smell to it and its smells fins as you are partying it but then tends to disappear. Once you apply the spray your hair not only feels clean it looks clean because of that I was able to go longer without washing my hair and avoid tying my hair back on day 3-4 now that’s what I call result.

So as mentioned earlier my goal was to wash my hair once a week and I can now say that is what I achieved with the dry shampoo.

It is retailing at £18:40 from John Lewis but the prices vary on different websites. it is considerably expensive considering how much you pay for the other brands, but if you want something that’s going to works and benefits your hair then the extra splurge is absolutely worth it. I won’t be using this for my every day essential more for the emergency night/day and perfect for the days I am at the gym.

Overall I love the grey and white packaging I think visually it’s simple, clean and powerful. The grey is a matte grey so it gives it a super chic look.

I’m so glad I got to try this out because of its now part of my most needed products. If I had to rate this out of 10 I would give it a 9 and the reason why it would not get a 10 is because of the cost, but I can also see the cost is justified because of the quality of the product.

I hope you enjoyed my thoughts on the Living Proof Dry Shampoo. Let me know if anyone of you has tried it and what you thought 💭 of it.